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5 Myths About Selling Your Home in Fall (and where to get started)

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Fall is almost here. The kids are back in school, routines are underway, and that distinct, unmistakable autumn chill is in the air every morning. There’s still a few beautiful weekends left yet to enjoy time outdoors, and the holidays are still on the distant horizon (phew).

Overall, it’s simply a great time of year. 🍂

For the above reasons, Fall is considered an ideal time to buy or sell Real Estate, second in popularity only to Spring. Buyers can easily get around this time of year, and our properties in the Fraser Valley surely look magnificent in all of our fall splendor!

It’s an excellent time to price your property and place it on the market. If you’re thinking of taking advantage of a surely thriving Fall market, read below as we dubunk some of Fall’s Top Real Estate Selling Myths:

Curb Appeal Can Kick The Curb

When summer comes to a screeching halt, it doesn’t mean that your ‘weekend warrior’ efforts on the exterior of your home should! With kids being dropped off at their extracurricular activities and our trees displaying their full fall foilage, the truth is that potential buyers will be cruising the neighbourhoods scoping out homes for sale more than ever!

So be sure to take care of the exterior of your home! Try a fresh coat of paint on your doors and shutters, be mindful of your landscaping and gardening, and install exterior illumination for both aesthetic AND safety purposes. Add glorious displays of color in beds, pots and hanging baskets to enhance your exterior appeal. Wash the summer dust and grime off the windows and power wash the siding or stucco, and clean up that swimming pool and put away floaties and the like. Line your doorway with pumpkins and gourds, and hang a seasonal wreath on your door, for an inviting, warm look that is undeniably fall.

But please; keep your fall exterior decor to a minimum… no one wants to buy the neighbourhood’s Haunted House! 😂

The Holidays Won’t Come Quickly

Although we have about 75 to 80 days of normalcy before us, the holiday season will still creep up – fast. Before you know it, moving companies and other vendors will be quickly booked or on vacation with their families, so we we want to utilize every single one of those days as best as possible and plan ahead – for every, single detail of the buying and selling process. We want to get you started on your plan as quickly as possible, so be sure to contact your trusted Real Estate team as soon as you think you might even consider selling.

Don’t have a team yet? Here are our tips on how to interview your Real Estate team.

The Price Doesn’t Have To Be Right

Just because homes traditionally sell in fall, doesn’t mean it can be overpriced or underpriced! In any market, it’s of utmost importance to put the right price tag on your most importance investment – your home. We don’t want to overprice the property, because the freshness of the home’s appeal will wane after the first few weeks of showings. Sure, you can reduce the price at a later date, but the demand will have faded by this point, and it can be a matter of too-little-too-late. If you underprice the property, this can certainly be driven back up to market value if it goes into multiple offers, but of course that is a strategy best left to your experienced Real Estate team. Pricing is all about supply and demand, and there’s a lot of analysis and information that goes into pricing a property correctly.

Wonder what your home’s value is worth? Contact us here.

No Need for Staging

Again, there’s a myth that because the Fall market is popular, there’s no need to pay extra attention to the interior of your home. We say, this couldn’t be farther from the truth! Having a clean, well-staged, and beautifully designed home will help drive up your value and ensure that your potential buyers are wowed upon first impression; resulting in a faster sale, putting more money in your pocket!

First things first – decluttering is the number one priority. If that mountain of stuff or the long laundry list of cleaning tasks simply feels insurmountable, don’t hesitate to reach out for help – we can put you in touch with some trusted local experts who can help us get the job done! Then, we’ll help you depersonalize your space and add in some beautiful, seasonal accents.

Selling a home is a team effort, and we’re here for you. 💙

Do you have any tips to add on selling a home in the autumnal months?

Please comment below, we’d love to hear about your experiences!

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