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Mastering The Man Cave

Think man caves are old and outdated? Think again.

A growing number of upand-coming young gents are building spaces for themselves that complement their lifestyles, whether that’s modern and sleek or sporty and rustic. To find out how dudes are decorating their spaces – and why man caves are trendy again – we caught up with a dapper man-cave fan, Philip Suos, founder of the Modern Man events company and curator of custom events for men.

Are man caves still relevant when more and more women are adopting masculine decor styles? Absolutely! I think man caves are much more than simply the one room in a house that’s loaded with sports memorabilia, torn up leather relics and pin-up mags from the ’70s. A man cave is about a state of mind or, rather, changing a state of mind. It’s the one place where a dapper dude can hang out and let the frustrations of the day-today grind just fade away. It’s respite, pure and simple.

Why are man caves special?

They provide feng shui for your mind. Modern men can pimp out their entire homes with the coolest gadgets, swanky decor pieces, trendy art, etc. But a man cave should be your personal oasis; the one spot providing a retreat from everything that angers up the haunches. Smartphones are only smart after a full recharge – the same goes for the modern man.

Can women have a ‘man’ cave?

Definitely. Again, it’s much more about an only-for-me hideout.

How can someone go about making space in their home for a man cave or a special room?

The best part about a man cave is that it can be anything from a for-your-eyes-only room to a tricked-out corner. Start by defining your space’s parameters. You know that adage, measure twice, cut once? Well, for your man cave, measure twice, buy once.

I like to source everything from unique art prints to oneof-a-kind lighting fixtures to über-cool seating online. Try sites like Touch of Modern (great deals on cutting-edge home stylings and more) and Etsy (awesome hand-crafted items and original finds). Shop.ca and houzz.com have some rad bigger-ticket items at really affordable prices.

Plan out exactly how you’ll use your man cave (i.e. chilling out to tunes, reading, whatever) and piece together the perfect space with carefully curated accoutrements.

What are some key trends in masculine decor for 2014?

The industrial vibe is still very trendy. Modern men are also much more tactile in their design choices, and raw elements – think caged lighting, concrete-based foundations, distressed metals – are ideal when juxtaposed with contemporary condos and homes.

We’re also seeing a return to the gentleman’s clubs of days gone by. The Good Son, a new restaurant … in Toronto, is a perfect example of melding old-school styling with new-wave space functionality. It’s refined excess at its best, which is basically what a man cave ends up being. The perfect hodgepodge of everything.

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