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Update Your Home’s Style in 2018 – For Less

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Here today, gone tomorrow – interior design trends are notoriously fleeting. The same trends that dominate our Insta feeds can be perceived as overdone only weeks later! In the spirit of saving time AND money, we always suggest that our clients simply incorporate small touches of their favourite home design trends into their decor every year. Especially if they’re staging to sell – as a seller, you want your home to be current and comfortable, yet it should be neutral enough that a prospective buyer can picture their own belongings in.
If 2017 was everything green – from velvet couches to succulents – what’s in store for 2018?

Here’s how to incorporate the latest looks into your casa, on the cheap.


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Patterned Plants

Not only are they extremely Instagrammable, but patterned plants are good for the air and energy in your home. You can pick these up as a low-cost way to bring some vibrant colour and good vibes into your place!
*Check out Floralista in Fort Langley, or Potter’s Nursery in High Knoll in Surrey.


Unique Lighting Fixtures

We’re seeing some interesting light fixtures in homes and on Pinterest – from contemporary to vintage, almost anything goes! This can be a fun place to experiment and add some character to your place. Just be sure to have any electrical work done by a qualified professional (consider this our disclaimer).


unique lighting 2


Spice it Up – And Chill Out!

As a basic rule of thumb, if you’re looking for new throw pillows or other small accessories, the current trend is leaning to warmer colours in the living areas and cooler tones in the bedroom. It makes sense, right? Warmer colours are invigorating and energizing (great for the kitchen and living room) and cooler tones help us relax and rejuvenate. Think yellows, oranges, and turquoise accents (small doses!) in the living areas, and sky blue, lavenders, and greys in the bedrooms.


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These are just a few ideas to elevate your home style into 2018.
What home design trends are you seeing in the Fraser Valley? Comment below!
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