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Verbal Battle in Langley Parking Lot Escalated to Blows

The off-duty Burnaby RCMP officer who was docked six days’ pay for uttering sexually explicit insults at a woman who stole his parking spot wasn’t the only one with a foul mouth in the altercation.

In the adjudication report obtained by the Burnaby NOW, more details have arisen regarding the argument the two had outside the Willowbrook Shopping Centre in Langley on the afternoon of New Year’s Eve 2011.

The agreed statement of facts notes that Harinder Paul Pabla was waiting for a parking spot to open with his turn signal on when Jessica Olive took the space. Pabla ended up parking a short distance away, and as he walked toward the mall entrance, he told Olive that he had been waiting for the spot with his signal on.

“She curtly replied, ‘I didn’t see your f**king blinker,’ and continued walking,” reads the statement. “Rather than leave it at that, [Pabla] suggested to [Olive] that she ought to get a lighter pair of sunglasses, and she replied, ‘Well, maybe you should consider not being a f**king dick,’ and gave him the finger.”

The statement continues with several sexually explicit comments from Pabla, to which Olive kicked him in the leg and knee and hit him with her purse.

As they walked toward the mall entrance, Olive told him to stop following her and dropped a series of F-bombs, then uttered a racial slur before advancing toward him “in an aggressive manner, as if she was intent on assaulting him again.”

At this point, Pabla pulled out his badge, identified himself as a cop, and told her that she could be arrested if she assaulted him again.

Olive turned around to head back toward the mall entrance, and Pabla headed the same direction to go to the dentist.

“[Pabla] proceeded to walk past her, intending to give her a wide berth. As he did so, she swung her purse at him, hitting him in the groin and head area. He swung his arm at her to ward off further blows, contacting her shoulder, then continued towards and into the mall to the adjacent dentist office.”

While Olive told police that Pabla had assaulted her, a judge ruled last August that the situation was, in fact, vice versa.

Pabla was acquitted of the charge, and the judge decided that he had acted in self-defence “in response to the unprovoked assault she perpetrated against him while he was walking past her.”

Nonetheless, the judge noted that Pabla had “been the author of his own misfortune” and that his “demeanour, tone, use of sarcasm and gutterspeak” was unacceptable for a 16-year RCMP officer.

The disciplinary decision noted that Pabla’s off-duty actions go against the RCMP’s core values, and the adjudication board upheld the forfeiture of six days’ pay.

– From the Burnaby NOW.

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